Our Process

We pursue partnerships with customers valuing small batch, slow cooked products; custom formulated with real meat and produced to the highest standards of food safety. Our processes start with understanding our customers’ goals and objectives for their business, products, and brands. Whether we are matching the specifications of an existing product or developing new custom formulas, we strive to deliver superior customer service.


At Breeder’s Choice, we make formulas to fit your needs. Whether you have specific requirements or are just looking for our best fitting off-the-shelf formulas, we’ll work with you to make your product with the same speed to market. Formulations can be meat-first, grain-free, limited ingredient or meal-based. We frequently work with unique, customer-specific ingredients that deliver a meaningful point of difference for the products.

The Lab

Quality Control

Our in-house lab is equipped with the latest technology (NIR) to measure protein, fat, moisture, fiber and ash to make sure our customers receive what is guaranteed, per label claims. It is also capable of collecting and storing microbiological samples in a clean, dry and temperature-controlled environment. HARPC-based quality-control programs are implemented and scientifically developed specifications, such as cooking and drying temperatures, are constantly monitored by our quality-control team to satisfy FDA, USDA and Global Food Safety standards. Samples are regularly collected during production to ensure all packaged product are made to the proper specifications.

R&D Team

Our dedicated R&D team can help provide technical guidance on formulation, quality testing and even in navigating regulations. Provided the products are commercialized and minimum quantities are produced, these services are complimentary for our partners.